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Strong winds can impact a home in practically endless ways. Maybe a storm passes through and all you get is a little wind-chime action on your porch. But for other people down the road, that same storm could mean disaster for their homes and their lives. ServiceMaster by ARTec is reliable when nature isn’t. For West Chester, PA, residents, this means that even if strong winds come knocking, there is always help waiting from our home damage professionals just a phone call away.

One of the most common forms of wind damage is roof or shingle destruction. Depending on the severity of the damage, losing a few shingles can be a minor inconvenience or a full-on disaster. The shingles are, in many ways, the first line of defense for your roof, and without them, your home may be vulnerable to additional wind damage. Plus, even a few missing shingles can be the catalyst that leads to more trouble for your home over time. If wind damage has impacted your roof, it’s vital to have it evaluated and repaired as soon as possible.

But what happens when your roof stays intact, but your windows or door don’t make it? Unfortunately, this means you may have to deal with one of the most frustrating side effects of wind damage. Windows and doors are already difficult to manage during a wind storm, especially if the storm comes on unexpectedly. Without time to board up your windows or doors, you may have to deal with broken glass, sudden vulnerability, and indoor home damage such as floor damage, wall damage, and damage to your personal belongings. Your home can also become susceptible to looting, vandalism, and other personal trespasses as long as the doors and windows are unsecured. If you lose windows or doors during a storm, calling home damage restoration services quickly is in your best interest.

If your house has managed to withstand the gales, and your windows and doors have survived, wind damage can still come in the form of unexpected missiles such as fallen trees or other large objects. This type of home damage can be especially infuriating because you may have done everything right only to get thwarted by an uprooted oak. But in all forms of home damage, help is ready and waiting for your call.

There are no guarantees when it comes to extreme weather conditions, so when disaster strikes, know whom to contact for wind damage restoration. The home damage disaster restoration experts here with ServiceMaster ARTec are ready to lend a hand when you get dealt an unlucky one. Call today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here for more information on our West Chester, PA home damage restoration services.


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