An Insight into the Effective Use of Ozone Generators During Fire Damage Cleanup

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After a fire, no one wants the unpleasant stench of smoke to persist in their house. When it comes to thoroughly and permanently removing smoke odors from your home, hiring the experienced professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec for fire damage cleanup and odor removal is the right thing to do.


Today, we’ll look at how our experts make use of ozone generators to remove smoke odors from your house in West Chester, PA.


Types of Ozone Generators for Odor Removal After a Fire

Corona Discharge

This type of ozone generator makes use of an electric arc technique. High voltage passes through a material that easily transmits electricity while the generator is cooled by fan-supplied air. This ambient air consists of 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, argon, and other gases.


The electric arc is responsible for breaking up the O2 molecules and the consequent manufacture of ozone (O3).


Ultraviolet (UV) Light

In these generators, waves of UV light are responsible for slicing O2 molecules. The UV bulbs emit UV light of a specific wavelength that separates O2 molecules that pass through it. These generators, however, create less ozone compared to corona discharge generators.


How Ozone Performs Odor Removal

Ozone performs odor removal through a process known as oxidation. Here, ozone undergoes a chemical reaction with odor molecules and transfers the additional oxygen atom it has to the odor molecule. This reaction changes the composition of the odor molecule and it loses its chemical makeup.


Due to oxidation, the molecule that was causing odors becomes a completely different compound and losses the odor it had in its earlier form.


Proper Use of Ozone Generators

Fire damage cleanup technicians make sure that the treatment location is evacuated before the treatment is started. As such, people, pets, and plants are removed from the treatment area before the odor removal work is begun.


After the treatment procedure is completed, sufficient time must pass so the ozone reverts back to oxygen or fresh air is circulated before anyone can enter the treatment zone.


Our technicians are aware of the fact that ozone has a short life of about thirty minutes. For instance, ozone levels of ten parts per million (PPM) becomes five PPM within thirty minutes from the time the ozone generator is turned off. Such quick degradation of ozone is caused by the weak bond that holds the 3rd oxygen atom.


Moreover, oxygen is the only residue left when an ozone generator is used, making it a safe procedure to use.


Fire damage cleanup is a complicated undertaking and it’s important to hire experts to conduct the required tasks. ServiceMaster by ARTec employs experienced professionals with access to the necessary state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions to achieve the desired results. Contact us at (610) 626-9002 and our team will reach your home in West Chester, PA, analyze the situation, and devise a plan of action to carry out restoration work.

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