The Dog Days Are Upon Us: Fire Restoration Watch in Philadelphia, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides Fire Restoration Services in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas

August is typically the month associated with the “Dog Days of Summer,” although the “Dog Days” technically begin sometime in July. Dog Days were originally so-named because they coincided with the time of year during which the “dog star,” Sirius, would appear on the horizon at the same time as sunrise.

Nowadays, we just call them “Dog Days” because they’re so unrelentingly hot and devoid of rain, and this conjures images of a dog lazily laying in the shade trying to stay cool.

One very serious side of the Dog Days of Summer is that they can, and do, become incredibly dry, turning grass into a blanketing fire hazard surrounding a home.

Of course, we can keep dry grass conditions under control by watering our lawns, but, depending on the size of your yard, that can take a lot of time and money. Plus, we’re often just too lazy to do something as seemingly pointless as running around the lawn with a hose and sprinkler. After all, it’s hot, and maybe that dog has the right idea.

Nevertheless, late summer dry lawn conditions do represent a very real fire damage hazard to homes and other nearby structures. Lawn fires don’t discriminate against buildings, so it’s a good idea to take precautions to prevent costly fire damage and smoke damage.

For example, maintain a landscaping perimeter around your home of about three feet or so. In addition to pleasant-looking plants, fill the perimeter with rocks or damp mulch—anything that can resist the heat and flames of a modest, unfortunate, lawn fire. Lacking a landscaping perimeter, during the driest summer conditions, try to water the grass directly adjacent to your home or other buildings you want to protect from fire damage and/or smoke damage.

If your home does experience fire damage or smoke damage resulting from Dog Day lawn dryness or any other reason, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec. We possess the necessary skills, techniques, and equipment to help your home rebound from fire damage and smoke damage. We perform emergency pre-cleaning to quickly limit any further fire damage and smoke damage, and we then conduct thorough floor, wall, and ceiling cleaning and restoration procedures to ensure your home is as clean and deodorized as possible.

ServiceMaster by ARTec stands ready to serve the fire restoration needs of Philadelphia, West Chester, Media, Ardmore, and Clifton Heights, PA. Don’t let the Dog Days of Summer dog you with unexpected fire damage or smoke damage. Give ServiceMaster by ARTec a call right away.

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