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You might be asking yourself this question—What types of services does a disaster restoration company provide?

The term covers different types of damage from different sources. It also covers a wide range of severity per case.

Today we’re going to discuss the different types of services we provide as well as the different levels of damage we cover. By the end of this post, you can rest assured knowing your disaster situation can be dealt with efficiently.

Fire Damage 

Fires can start for many reasons such as faulty wiring, overused electrical sockets, grease fires due to kitchen accidents, grilling hazards, and more. The most important thing to remember after a fire is that time is of the essence. You should contact a disaster restoration company immediately because the aftermath of a fire worsens over time. As time elapses, the fire damage restoration process becomes more difficult due to the chemical elements involved. Soot and smoke damage can find its way to various cracks and crevices in the home quickly, which makes the restoration process a job meant for professionals.

Water Damage

Like fire damage, water damage has many causes such as ice dams in winter, storms in spring, and issues with plumbing throughout the year. Also like fire, the problem worsens over time due to water contacting other substances and debris in the home. In the event of a natural disaster, proper safety measures need to be taken. With incidents such as a plumbing malfunction, you’ll want to work with a disaster restoration company who has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of a home.

Other Disasters

Many types of disasters can fit into the other category. Biohazard cleanup, for example, is used in the aftermath of tragic accidents or incidents in which potentially harmful contaminants are involved. Vandalism is also an area we cover. We provide board up services for broken windows, roofs, and other exposed areas of homes as well. Hoarding cleanup, although caused by a person, is another type of disaster we’re able to handle too.

Essentially any instance requiring your West Chester, PA, home to be cleaned, restored, or repaired, can benefit from the services of a disaster restoration company.

Large Scale vs. Small-Scale Loss

Large-scale losses refer to events that cause damage on a large scale. This can include fire damage to a large commercial building or a flood that comprises an entire neighborhood or town. Our team can coordinate to cover these types of disasters. We have a project management team to cover the project from start to finish as well as a construction crew on call for large-scale repairs and reconstruction.

Certain disasters can affect a single home or even just a small area of a home. When it comes to disaster restoration, no project is too small for ServiceMaster by ARTec. While these may be considered small-scale losses, we know they’re not considered small by the person experiencing them.

In either case, our team will arrive on site within a few hours and complete the job as promptly and efficiently as possible.

ServiceMaster by ARTec is a disaster restoration company available to help with any and every disaster. If and when you’re in need of assistance at your West Chester, PA, location, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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