Making Your Disaster Restoration Plan Before You Need it in Philadelphia, PA

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Effective disaster restoration plans come in many forms. Fire evacuations, dedicated storm rooms, and emergency phone trees are all great examples of home disaster preparations you may already have in place for your Philadelphia, PA home. If you don’t have a personalized plan in place for your family, the disaster restoration specialists at ServiceMaster by ARTec encourage you to take a little time and put some of your post-disaster priorities on paper.


The goal of home disaster preparation plans is to have a framework for disaster restoration ready so you don’t have to scramble for supplies and information once disaster strikes. The actual process of preparing for a home disaster is much simpler than most people tend to picture, and it isn’t necessarily digging a bunker and collecting canned beans. Guides and templates exist online to help you organize what you’ll need. At a bare minimum, you should have emergency contacts, a basic evacuation plan, and at least a rough idea of how you’ll communicate with loved ones in the event of a disaster.


Safety should always come first before financial considerations, but including your insurance and having a backup of vital documents is a great idea if you have the time to set it up. The toughest part of home disaster prep is putting it together before you need it, especially for time consuming projects like creating digital back-ups. Having your plan ready in advance can be the catalyst you need in order to make a full recovery down the line. Spending a weekend uploading and backing up documents can make a big difference in the event of major losses. By front loading this type of document management, you’re doing yourself and your family a big favor in the future.


Once you’ve backed up your major documents and planned out your safety procedures, the next step is planning for large scale disaster restoration. Including contact information to your local disaster restoration teams in your plan is an easy way to know who to reach out to when the time comes. Writing down a website or phone number on the bottom of your plans for a variety of home disaster events is an excellent way to cover your bases early on in the plan making process.


Sometimes, simply having the right phone number on hand in times of crisis is enough to get you to your next recovery milestone. Philadelphia, PA residents can contact our ServiceMaster by ARTec home disaster restoration team for disaster restoration consultations and assistance at (610) 626-9002, or visit our website here. Get your disaster plan started today.


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