Why You Should Choose ServiceMaster by ARTec for Disaster Restoration Services in Philadelphia, PA

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Every business in Philadelphia, PA, says the same thing about their reputation. They claim they’re experienced. They say they provide quality work. They talk about their dedication to customer service.

When you hear the same message from each company, it makes choosing the right one difficult, doesn’t it?

Do we believe ServiceMaster by ARTec is experienced, does quality work, and is dedicated to customer service? Yes, but we know that’s not enough to convince you that we stand out from the crowd.

Today, we’re going to share some reasons why you should choose us if you’re in need of disaster restoration services.

Telltale Sign of Commitment

 Remember when you were a child and played the game where you looked at two pictures to figure out what was missing when you compared the two?

You can try the same thing now by visiting another disaster restoration services company’s website.

Seriously, go check another website right now to spot the difference. Are you stumped?

Here’s a hint: it has something to do with what you’re reading right now!

How many other companies have the extensive amount of education and content we provide? Check our blog archives section and you’ll find dozens, no, hundreds of posts discussing items such as creating a fire escape plan for your home or business, tips on keeping your home safe with electrical equipment during the holidays, and resources for creating a plan in case of severe weather.

We’re not just a “here’s why we’re great” company when it comes to the content we create. We want to make sure you have information, not only about disaster restoration services, but material helping you avoid disasters and cope with them if the unexpected does occur.

We like to cover essentially every disaster restoration topic in our content to show that we can cover every disaster restoration situation in real life.

This way, we can go above and beyond saying “we’re experienced.”

Knowledge and Expertise from the Top Down

We believe training is key to developing a great staff, which is why we make sure our technicians go through a rigorous process before they become employees.

The emphasis on education and training starts at the top, with owner Bob Neef.

You need certifications to run a disaster restoration services company, but all certifications aren’t created equal.

Bob wanted to make sure he had the best education possible in his field, which is why he strived to achieve the Certified Restorer and Water Loss Specialists certifications from the Restoration Industry Association. Achieving one’s CR is no walk in the park. In fact, it’s one of, if not the most, difficult certification to receive in the industry.

Bob didn’t have to aim that high. He could’ve started a business, and perhaps even done well, with lower qualifications. He knew the extra time spent now, however, would pay in terms of providing services the members of the Philadelphia, PA, community needed.

He wanted to go above and beyond saying “we’re dedicated.” He actually wanted to be dedicated, and that company philosophy trickles down to every single employee.

Choose ServiceMaster by ARTec for Disaster Restoration Services

 When you’re in need of disaster restoration services, your world is spinning. You need to make a quick decision during a time when your thoughts aren’t their clearest. In times like these, you need a company that can back up its talk and provide the type of service it says it provides.

We’re that company.

If you’re ever in need of disaster restoration services, pick up the phone and call (610) 626-9002. We’ll be there in a few short hours, and your property will be in proven, dependable, and safe hands.

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