ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares the “Three C’s” to Look for in a Disaster Restoration Company in King of Prussia, PA

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In disastrous times, you’ll find yourself asking several questions. Whether it’s a major fire, a flood, plumbing incident, or mold outbreak, you’re seeking a solution you need to find quickly.

You wonder who you can trust. You must decipher which disaster restoration company is able to meet your needs. Not being an expert yourself, you may not even be sure what traits you’re looking for in a disaster restoration company.

Today, the experts at ServiceMaster want to share the “Three C’s” you should look for in a disaster restoration company. Any company who checks all three boxes on the list is one you can count on.


If you own a 12-story building that catches fire in King of Prussia, PA and needs restoration services for 60% of the building, you want to make sure you can work with a company that can handle the entire job from start to finish.

Several variables provide the answer to this question such as the size of the staff, training provided to that staff, relationships with contractors, utilization of project management services, and more.

The larger the loss, the more capabilities required for the restoration project. In our case, we have the capabilities to cover any project. Our staff includes trained technicians, construction crews, and project managers. This creates the capability to be a flexible disaster restoration company who is ready for any scenario.


 Imagine your King of Prussia, PA home has encountered a disaster. You call a disaster restoration company for assistance. They don’t pick up the phone. You visit their website and enter your contact information. You patiently await their reply. Nothing.

Twelve hours go by. Finally, you receive a call back. The company tells you they can squeeze in your project “a few days from now.”

Believe it or not, some disaster restoration companies vary in how well they communicate. In our case, we answer and return calls promptly and arrive on the scene within 2 to 4 hours after our calls.

We know speed matters and we want to make sure your project is completed as soon as possible to avoid complications in the future.


 Not only does a disaster restoration company need to have the capabilities to complete a project, they need the confidence to pull it off.

Restoring a neighborhood from a flood is no easy task. Nor is repairing a large building, delicately dealing with a hoarded home, or cleaning up after a traumatic event.

To face these catastrophes, a disaster restoration company must instill confidence in its employees through training, culture, and communication.

We strive every day to do all three.

If you’re in need of disaster restoration services in King of Prussia, PA, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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