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Dealing with a foul smelling home is a frustrating feature of major water damage that many King of Prussia, PA, homeowners don’t expect. Sure, you may expect your house to smell a little damp for a time, but once all the water dries, it should be fine, right? Well, the answer is, unfortunately, “not always.” ServiceMaster by ARTec’s water damage experts know an awful lot about water, which means they know what kind of awful things water can carry with it.


Depending on the source of the water damage, your home may simply be dealing with the classic damp or musky smell that wet carpets and fabrics tend to develop. If the water was totally clear and clean, then deodorizing may not be No. 1 on your priority list. But due to water’s ability to carry any number of things with it, you may not be quite so lucky.


Water can carry germs, waste, and a number of tiny unidentifiable particles that, once in your home, can emit a distasteful odor. Even if the water isn’t foul smelling immediately, those microparticles may become pungent after having some time to be exposed to air. This can include sewage smells, heavy must smells, or a variety of unpleasant sour odors. And once those smells settle in, deodorizing them can be an extensive project.


Dealing with an unpleasant smell 24/7 can also be a major stressor. It can impact your mood and even how you enjoy your food. It’s an annoying and pervasive problem that can gnaw away at the resolve of even the most tolerant homeowner, and there’s absolutely no reason to put up with it!


Professional deodorizing services like ServiceMaster by ARTec specialize in restoring your home to a pleasant or neutral state. Our water damage specialists ensure that the scents in questions aren’t just masked, but are, in fact, removed entirely. With proper deodorizing procedures, you can reclaim your home and customize its smell however you deem fit.


For King of Prussia, PA, homeowners suffering from water damage odors, ServiceMaster by ARTec offers comprehensive deodorizing services. Contact us today for more information on our deodorizing process or with any questions about how we can help you with your water damage recovery. Call us at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here.

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