ServiceMaster by ARTec provides Debris Cleanup and Other Services to Give You a Fresh Start in Philadelphia, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides debris cleanup services for a variety of applications in the Philadelphia, PA, area. In the aftermath of a project, event, or disaster, having a team ready to clean the affected area gives you a fresh start without the headache of having to perform the cleanup yourself.

Today, we’re going to discuss a few scenarios where debris cleanup may be necessary. We encourage you to work with us because we can handle the task-at-hand regardless of the scope of the project.

Construction Projects

You’ve gone through the often incredibly lengthy project of putting up a new building or home.

You’ve gone back and forth with designers, builders, and project managers to bring your idea to fruition.

Maybe timelines or budgets went a bit awry. You must deal with expectations and deadlines you promised others. In other words, the project stresses you out.

Now that the project is finally complete, all you simply need to do is clean away the dust, dirt, garbage, and debris. After all you’ve been through, do you really want to roll up your sleeves and be part of the debris cleanup process? Probably not.

Better to leave it to the professionals.

Disaster Events

 Whether fire or water damage, your Philadelphia, PA, home or building will require debris cleanup services as part of the restoration process.

In this case, debris cleanup comes as part of the package with our disaster restoration services.

From the moment disaster strikes, we’ll handle the entire project from start to finish, including debris cleanup services, to give you a fresh start both physically and mentally.

Other Services

On top of debris cleanup services following a construction project or disaster, we offer other related services dealing with the aftermath of disaster events.

We supply emergency board-up and tarp services to ensure there are no open spaces of your Philadelphia, PA, home or building after disasters or vandalism. We have content pack out services to keep your unaffected items safe after disaster. We also provide hoarder cleanup and trauma cleanup services which involve a heavy level of cleanup and the ability to do a thorough job while being mindful of those involved.

To learn about all our services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact ServiceMaster by ARTec today at (610) 626-9002.

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