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Hoarding is a difficult affliction. Psychologists are torn about whether hoarding is a symptom of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, a combination of both, or something else entirely.

Regardless of a hoarder’s psychological manifestations, the physical manifestations aren’t difficult to recognize. If you walk into a hoarder’s home, you’ll probably find it difficult to locate a path through a lifetime of accumulated everything.

Hoarding is not limited to a particular personality or geographical location, which is why we provide hoarder cleanup services to West Chester, Philadelphia, Delaware County, and other surrounding communities.

Just walking through the home of a prolific hoarder can be extremely daunting. Even experienced hoarder cleanup professionals can be surprised by the sheer extent and variety of items accumulated over a few short years or lifetime by a hoarder.

Newspapers, magazines, and books are staples of most hoarders, but the severe hoarders don’t let anything slip through their grasp. As any hoarding cleanup specialist will tell you, a home occupied by a lifetime hoarder can include everything from tattered clothes to banana peels. Hoarded items such as this can sit for years and cause considerable damage to walls and flooring, to say nothing of the expense involved in removing all the hoarded items, which can involve complicated recycling sorting, home damage repair and odor removal.

Here at ServiceMaster by ARTec, we’re familiar with hoarder cleanup tasks, and we understand the compassionate customer service required to help hoarders let go of items they consider particularly valuable.

Each hoarding situation is unique, even though many of them may be familiar to a hoarding cleanup specialist. Hoarding cleanup can be extremely difficult for both the hoarder and the hoarder’s family.

If you have a hoarding cleanup situation that seems impossible, particularly during a time of emotional trial, you should consider hiring a hoarding cleanup professional who knows exactly which cleaning services are required and how and where to dispose of and recycle hoarded items.

Hoarding cleanup isn’t easy. Call on ServiceMaster by ARTec to help make hoarding cleanup a little bit easier.

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