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When you think of fire damage, it’s easy to conjure the worst case scenario where a house burns to the ground, leaving nothing but smoldering ashes and a crumbling foundation.

In actuality, fire damage can range anywhere from minimal to catastrophic and everything in between, depending on the source of the fire and how quickly it’s detected and contained.

For example, fire damage resulting from a kitchen cooking accident is usually caught quickly. Damage is typically limited to areas of the walls, cabinetry, and floor.

Alternatively, fires originating in a home’s garage or workshop may not be noticed for some time and can result in considerable fire damage.

Whatever your fire damage situation may be here in West Chester, PA and surrounding communities, it’s almost guaranteed to include some amount of smoke damage, and smoke damage can sometimes be more difficult to clean up after than actual fire damage. In fact, smoke particulate can make its way in between walls and ceilings. When combined with humidity, smoke particulates can create a stew of residues that can corrode surfaces and structures long after fire damage restoration has been completed. This, understandably, can come as a surprise to homeowners who thought their fire damage experience was well behind them.

Fire damage restoration and smoke damage clean-up require an experienced hand, as well as the right materials and equipment to ensure no additional fire and smoke related damage occurs in the future.

ServiceMaster by ARTec has at its disposal all the fire damage restoration and smoke damage clean-up expertise, training and professionalism that comes with being a ServiceMaster affiliate. We start with an emergency pre-cleaning and work our way thoroughly through your home to pack out salvageable materials and clean and deodorize as much as possible. We then clean all wall and ceiling surfaces to ensure there will be no contamination to any new fire damage restoration construction materials.

We take fire damage very seriously, whether the fire damage is small and contained or large and disastrous, and we know how to thoroughly deal with smoke damage. Don’t get caught by surprise by residual fire damage lurking within your home. Get your fire damage restoration and clean-up done right by calling ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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