Commercial Floor Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA – Quick Tips for Floor Maintenance

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Do the floors in your commercial building need sprucing up?

Do they look worn, scratched, and unappealing?

If you’re the owner of a commercial building in Philadelphia, PA, we’re sure that you’re used to your building having high amounts of foot traffic.

High amounts of foot traffic can lead to your floors losing their shine, becoming scuffed and scraped, and looking worn over time.

Have you considered investing in a professional floor cleaning company to maintain and care for your floors?

Using commercial floor cleaning shows that you take pride in having a professionallooking workplace and it’s a sign of your ability to make smart investments in your company.

In addition to using professional floor cleaning services, here are some quick tips to maintain your floors:

  • Keep doormats at every entry. Using doormats in all entryways will help prevent the dirt and grime from visitors’ and employees’ shoes from spreading across the floors in your building.
  • Make sure to use a dolly and protective plywood sheets while moving heavy objects. If possible, try lifting these types of objects instead of sliding them across the floor.
  • Use protective padding underneath the legs of your furniture to keep them from scratching the surface beneath them.
  • Place mats on stair landings and other areas of the building that receive high amounts of foot traffic. Durable commercial grade mats are your best option for keeping the floors in these areas maintained.
  • Keep an eye on your floors and check them periodically. If they start to look too worn, dull, or scratched, it’s time to call a professional for commercial floor cleaning services.

The professional floor cleaning experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec are proud to service the needs of Philadelphia, PA building owners. If you haven’t had professional floor cleaning services done in a while, contact us today at 610-626-9002 and let us make your floors look great again.


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