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ServiceMaster by ARTec also provides whole house cleaning services in Clifton Heights and West Chester, PA

It’s that time of year. Your child is grown and they’ve packed up their most precious and incredibly important items, and they’re ready to set out on a journey of a thousand college class credits.

You stand in the doorway of their bedroom, and you think wistfully about all the parental memories that were built there.

The crib that once stood in that corner, but it now stands in the opposite corner, because you had to make room for a bed. And that third corner, filled with toys your child hadn’t played with in more than a decade. And the fourth corner, filled with clothes that wouldn’t fit a munchkin. And that fifth corner, which is actually just the fourth corner, but filth has piled to the ceiling, so it requires a “fifth corner.”

And that’s when it strikes you: goodness, this room is an insurmountable mess.

You don’t want to clean that mess, because technically it was your child’s fault in the first place. They didn’t want to get rid of the crib, or the toys, or the shirts, and they threw tantrums if you even tried, and that was just last week. Now that you think about it, your child is going to have an impossible time adjusting to college.

On the other hand, you don’t have to experience an impossible time adjusting to your child being out of the home. After all, with some extensive house cleaning services, your child’s room could be transformed into a functional living space that can be enjoyed despite your child’s absence.

While you’re dealing with the psychological impact of your child’s absence, you should console yourself by calling in the house cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec who can help turn your child’s room into a paradise of your own creation.

Carpet cleaning? Done. Upholstery cleaning? Done. Years of detritus removed? Done. Did your child have an exclusive bathroom that now requires tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and extensive over-all cleaning? Done, done, and done.

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