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Smoke damage doesn’t only occur due to a house fire; it can also happen in the kitchen with a roast gone wrong; it can happen in the den with a forgotten candle; and it can happen on the porch next to an ashtray. Whether you’re moving into a new Media, PA, home or refurbishing your current one, ServiceMaster by ARTec’s smoke removal experts can help!


Cigarette smoke damage is one of the most common and most frustrating types of damage that the average homeowner encounters. It only takes a short exposure for smoke to adhere to surfaces around a home, and once the smoke settles in, removal becomes extremely difficult. The chemical makeup of cigarettes is such that the smoke emitted is a very effective staining substance. Just as it can stain teeth, cigarette smoke can also discolor curtains, walls, ceilings, and just about every type of material known to humans. This type of smoke damage may come in the form of simple discoloration or it may include a sticky residue and a strong smell.


Cigarette smoke removal, when done properly, should encompass every aspect of the smoke. The smell, feel, and look of the stain should be removed entirely. However, without a professional smoke damage restoration team, this can take a large amount of time and more than a few products to achieve. Some over-the-counter products simply mask the smoke damage by covering it with a different scent or a thin layer of color. This quick fix may work temporarily, but smoke damage doesn’t magically disappear when ignored. Over time, the smell and discoloration likely re-emerge, and if unattended, they tend to get worse.


If your Media, PA, home has traces of smoke damage or requires significant cigarette smoke removal services, call us today for information on our smoke damage restoration services. ServiceMaster by ARTec’s smoke damage restoration professionals can be reached by calling at (610) 626-9002 or visiting our website here.

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