Christmas Tree Safety and Avoiding Fire Damage During the Holidays

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If there’s one thing you should be aware of during the holidays, it’s that a bone dry Christmas tree can become completely engulfed in flames in just over a minute. Christmas trees burn fast, hot and spectacularly, and you definitely don’t want one to suddenly combust in your home.

If you do opt for a live Christmas tree, keep that tannenbaum watered. A live tree can absorb up to a gallon of water in a single day, so try to water it in the morning and the evening and check the water level regularly. Be sure nearby electrical sockets and any electrical tree decorations are in good working order. Even a small spark can ignite an excessively dry tree. Although a well-watered tree can still catch fire, it will not burn with the speed and ferocity of a dry tree. At some point, even with the best water maintenance, all real Christmas trees will stop absorbing water, and once that happens they can become extremely dry very quickly. A good rule of thumb is not to keep a live tree in you home much beyond the New Year.

All Christmas tree fires, big or small, cause fire damage and smoke damage, although the big fires certainly wreak more havoc. Fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleanup can be extremely expensive. The National Fire Protection Association estimates Christmas tree fires account for more than $18 million in home damage annually nationwide. So, water those trees properly, check them every day to see if they are becoming too dry, and dispose of them promptly after the holidays.

If your home does experience fire damage or smoke damage due to a Christmas tree fire or other reason, ServiceMaster by ARTec provides emergency cleaning and restoration services throughout the Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania. Our emergency response services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re always prepared to assist you in the event of fire disaster or smoke damage, and we possess the specialized skills and materials to help your home recover quickly. Give ServiceMaster by ARTec a call today.

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