Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips to Prevent Fire Damage in your Philadelphia, PA Home

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Could your Christmas tree be an accident waiting to happen?

Although they don’t happen often, Christmas tree fires can be devastating. Taking a few fire safety measures may mean the difference between a happy holiday and a one fraught with fire damage.

Avoid having a disastrous holiday by following these fire safety tips brought to you by the professional fire restoration experts at ServiceMaster By ARTec:

  • This may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure that your tree isn’t near any heat sources. Placing your tree near fireplaces, radiators, lit candles, and heat vents increase the chances of a fire occurring.
  • Turn the lights on your tree off every night before you go to bed.
  • Check your Christmas tree lights for wear and tear. If your lights have frayed or worn wiring, get rid of them.
  • Add water to your tree stand. Dry Christmas trees are more flammable.
  • Check the manufacturer’s labels on your lights. Make sure that they’ve been tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.       Some lights are for indoor or outdoor use only. Make sure you’re using the correct lights for their environment.
  • Test your smoke alarms to make sure they’re functioning properly. This should also be part of your year round fire safety strategy.
  • Don’t place your tree in front of any exits. In the case of a fire, you don’t want an exit to be obstructed.
  • If there are several needle pins falling from your tree it’s time to get rid of it. This is a sign of a dry Christmas tree which can be dangerous and prone to fire.
  • Be careful not to overload extension cords, outlets, or power strips with Christmas lights. Three light sets per extension cord is the maximum recommended amount.
  • Dispose of your tree shortly after Christmas. The longer your tree is around the house, the drier it will become. As we just mentioned above, dry Christmas trees are a fire hazard.

Christmas is a time for relaxation and fun. Use these fire safety tips to help prevent a fire in your Philadelphia, PA home. If you do end up having to deal with the stressful process of fire damage restoration, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec and let us guide you through it.

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