Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips for Ardmore, PA Homes

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides fire damage restoration services even during the holiday season.

That Christmas tree still looks pretty, standing there decked out in lights and ornaments. Sure, some needles have fallen; that’s to be expected when you bring a real Christmas tree into the house for the holiday season. Needles are bound to fall, eventually.

Especially when you haven’t watered the tree in more than a week. You should maybe think about doing that.

The fact is, Christmas trees tend to stay standing in homes well past their expiration date, sometimes into the second week of January. By that time, even the most diligent watering isn’t going to do any good.

Christmas trees after the holidays are an incredible fire damage and smoke damage hazard. Fire damage restoration in an Ardmore, PA home following a Christmas tree blaze can be incredibly expensive, if the blaze doesn’t cause your home to burn down entirely. Even if you manage to contain the fire damage, the smoke damage alone can be considerable and can leave your home smelling like a Pine-Sol cigar.

To avoid the headaches and expense associated with fire damage restoration and smoke damage, plan a very specific day to haul that Christmas tree out of your home. Consider taking the tree down as soon after New Year’s Day as possible.

If your home experiences fire damage or smoke damage, due to a Christmas tree blaze or any other reason, call in fire damage restoration professionals as soon as possible to mitigate further structural and aesthetic damage. ServiceMaster by ARTec employs a staff of fire restoration professionals who understand the techniques, materials and equipment necessary to help a home quickly recover from a fire damage or smoke damage event.

If you’re in need of fire damage restoration services in Ardmore, Philadelphia, or Media, PA this winter season, don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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