Check For Winter Black Mold Growth in Your West Chester, PA Home

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As Valentine’s Day draws near, love is in the air. You can smell the love in the air, it’s so thick. You can take in big, honking snootfuls of the love that’s hanging in the air like an oppressive black fog.

The love is so thick, in fact, it makes you sneeze, irritates the throat, and causes violent coughing fits.

And that’s when you stop to consider maybe it’s not love that’s in the air, but black mold spores.

Yes, the middle of February is both a time for amorous attention as well as cautious concern for black mold in your West Chester, PA home. After all, you’ve been cooped-up indoors for months, so you’re more susceptible to the health problems that can arise from inhaling black mold spores.

It’s important to remember that black mold isn’t always the visible menace you can easily see creeping up shower tiles. Often, black mold is a hidden specter, lurking between walls where the temperature is warm and the conditions are just damp enough to encourage black mold growth.

Detecting and eradicating black mold can be extremely difficult without the right expertise and equipment. If you’re experiencing health symptoms like a chronic cough, incessant allergies, an aggravated asthma condition or other indications of a black mold infestation, you should call in black mold removal professionals as soon as possible.

At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we’re experts at locating black mold and performing mold removal. We understand the health risks associated with black mold infestations, and we work quickly and efficiently to determine where black mold resides in your home. Our mold removal process ensures black mold is removed completely and we take steps to ensure future black mold recurrence is extremely unlikely. We have extensive experience using the materials and equipment necessary to leave your home free of black mold.

Don’t take chances with black mold in your home. Do yourself a Valentine’s Day favor and call ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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