Challenges in Achieving Success During Biohazard Cleanup in Philadelphia, PA

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If you have any spill of blood, bodily fluids, or OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Material) in your home in Philadelphia, PA, getting in touch with the biohazard cleanup experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec is necessary. Our technicians will take the necessary decontamination and disinfection steps to negate the risk of diseases that spills can create.


Our technicians utilize their experience to cover all aspects of the cleaning and disinfection process to ensure your home is safely livable after the work is finished.


In case there’s a possibility of Ebola virus contamination at the biohazard incident site, it increases the severity of the problem tenfold. Here, we’ll explore the tasks experts perform for proper cleanup and disinfection of such contamination.


Cleaning and Disinfection of the Biohazard Incident Zone

Due to the critical nature of the task, it’s important to perform cleanup and disinfection in the right manner. A few of the steps biohazard cleanup experts take include:

  • If technicians suspect the presence of Ebola virus in blood, urine, feces, or vomit at the incident site, urgent steps are taken to disinfect all contaminated surfaces.
  • A containment zone is established to completely isolate the location so cleanup work can be performed without the risk of contamination spreading to other locations.
  • After removal of all contaminants, disinfection procedures are repeated to ensure complete decontamination of the location.
  • Technicians also carefully select procedures to avoid incorrect processes that can worsen the condition. For example, use of pressurized air or water sprays is avoided as this can spread contamination in the form of bioaerosols.



Selection of Disinfectant

Special attention is given to the selection of a disinfectant so complete decontamination can be achieved. A few of the details our technicians keep note of include:

  • Selecting disinfectants that provide desired results in the presence of non-enveloped viruses and have Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration. The reason such disinfectants are selected is because eradicating non-enveloped viruses is more difficult compared to Ebola and similar other enveloped viruses. When a more potent disinfectant is used, it ensures complete elimination of enveloped viruses.
  • If an adequate EPA-registered disinfectant is unavailable, a 10% bleach solution is prepared to perform the required disinfection work.


To summarize, biohazard cleanup is a complex task where technicians need to keep note of several crucial aspects to achieve complete disinfection at the incident site.


In the Philadelphia, PA area, ServiceMaster by ARTec has the professional expertise in this type of specialized cleanup work, and we’ll completely decontaminate your home to return it to its previous state as quickly and safely as possible. Just give us a call at (610) 626-9002. We will dispatch a team to your home to analyze the situation and devise a plan of action.

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