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What To Do 24 Hours After a Flood Causes Water Damage in Your Philadelphia, PA Home

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster by ARTec will always be there when disaster strikes in the Philadelphia, PA area. We will provide you with information that will help you in various types of disaster situations. Today we are going to talk about what you should do in the first twenty-four hours after a flood. This is a crucial period […]

5 Tips to Prevent Winter Water Damage in Philadelphia, PA

in Uncategorized, Water Damage by ServiceMaster

The fall season will soon come to an end. The changing seasons represent new responsibilities for Philadelphia, PA homeowners to protect their homes. Winter weather can cause water damage to your home in several different ways, and the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec want you help you prepare for the chilly months to come. Here […]

5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Philadelphia, PA Home

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster by ARTec has the knowledge and skills to effectively restore Philadelphia, PA homes that have been subject to water damage. We utilize several techniques and strategies to help dry and restore your home to its pre-water damaged state.  We understand how disastrous water damage can be, and our job is to not only restore […]

Beyond Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning: ServiceMaster By ARTec is Proud to Be Part of the Garnet Valley, PA Community

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

We often like to use our news section to keep you updated on important information in regards to the difference services we provide. In one post we may tell you how water damage restoration services can help you recover after a burst pipe disaster, while in another, we may talk about ways to keep your […]

Hurricane Joaquin: How to Prepare for Potential Severe Weather Conditions in Malvern, PA

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

East Coast residents are all too familiar with the potential water damage that can be caused by severe weather conditions like tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane Joaquin is the latest of the potential severe weather conditions that can have an effect on the East Coast, and we at ServiceMaster by ARTec want to help you […]

A Few Dangers of Water Damage in New Castle, Delaware

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

The last thing you want to see walking into your home or business is water—at least water that isn’t supposed to be there. When you experience flooding, sewage leaking, or storm damage, there are a few dangers you should keep in mind. Then, leave all of your New Castle water damage restoration needs to ServiceMaster […]

Flooding Tips Part 2 of 3 | What To Do DURING A Flood in Villanova, PA

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

In our previous post, ServiceMaster by ARTec provided some tips you can use to help prepare before for a flood strikes. To summarize: Create a communications plan Put together an emergency kit Sign up for weather alerts Check your home’s plumbing, circuit breakers, and sump pump Pack Charge essential electronics Evacuate your home if necessary […]

Flooding Tips Part 1 of 3 | What To Do BEFORE A Flood in Villanova, PA

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

In this segment, we’ll be focusing on what to do before a flood hits. Hopefully, with this information, you can minimize the amount of water damage that is done to your home, as well as keep your family safe. In Pennsylvania, the common flooding hazards are: River flooding Flash flooding Ice and debris jams Dam […]

The Floodgates of Spring May Mean Water Damage in Springfield, PA

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

April is a wonderful time of year. The trees and grass explode with fresh greenery after a long winter sleep. Flowers sprout and bloom, and there’s the long-forgotten smell of barbecue grilling wafting on the air. That is, when it’s not raining. After all, you can’t have all that lush new greenery and sprouting freshness […]

Winter Water Damage Restoration Services in West Chester, PA

in ServiceMaster by ARTec, Water Damage by ServiceMaster

Winter has had free reign to wreak havoc along the East Coast this year. Consecutive, seemingly never-ending record and near-record snowfalls have completely buried much of the area, leaving many residents and snow removal workers to wonder “Where do I put all this snow?” Well, prepare yourself, because what comes down in frozen form will […]

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