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Daylight Saving Time is Almost Here, Time to Check Your Smoke Detectors!

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As we enter the month of March, thoughts turn to spring. Spring is the perfect time to reflect on what is needed to keep your home safe from fires, and provides the perfect, timely occasion to do just that! March 8 is just around the corner, which probably doesn’t mean much to most people until […]

Check For Winter Black Mold Growth in Your West Chester, PA Home

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As Valentine’s Day draws near, love is in the air. You can smell the love in the air, it’s so thick. You can take in big, honking snootfuls of the love that’s hanging in the air like an oppressive black fog. The love is so thick, in fact, it makes you sneeze, irritates the throat, […]

Remove Salt Stains from Carpets in Ardmore, PA

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With January mercifully at its end, we stare down the 28-day winter expanse of February with steely-eyed determination, knowing spring will then be on the horizon. But, even though January has been defeated, it left reminders of its long battle in the form of massive salt deposits in your carpet. Winter in Ardmore, PA and […]

How to Maintain a Healthy Home in Ardmore, PA

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As if you needed something else to worry about this month, January is also “National Staying Healthy Month.” Now that you’re aware of the importance of staying healthy in January, you’re no doubt sitting there, eating a box full of bonbons, wondering exactly how to stay healthy. Thankfully, “staying healthy” can mean practically anything, depending […]

ServiceMaster by ARTec Participates in Toys for Tots

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Once again, we at ServiceMaster by ARTec are pleased to announce yet another year that witnessed a very successful “Toys For Tots” drive. With the generous participation of everyone involved, we were able to fill a total of 40 full boxes of toys for the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Philadelphia Campaign. We’d like to […]

Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips for Ardmore, PA Homes

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides fire damage restoration services even during the holiday season. That Christmas tree still looks pretty, standing there decked out in lights and ornaments. Sure, some needles have fallen; that’s to be expected when you bring a real Christmas tree into the house for the holiday season. Needles are bound to fall, […]

Fire Damage Prevention in Philadelphia: Make Space for Space Heaters

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If you do experience a house fire this winter, call ServiceMaster by ARTec in Philadelphia. You might not associate bitter winter cold with fire damage and smoke damage, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. The rude early arrival of winter has no doubt prompted hundreds, if not several thousands, of people to dig out their […]

How Clean is Your Philadelphia Office’s Carpet?

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides office carpet cleaning services throughout the Philadelphia area. November marks the beginning of the majority of traditional office parties that take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas, events that can be both extremely enjoyable and awkwardly humbling, depending on each individual’s experience. November is also the month that kicks off the long […]

Thanksgiving Day Fire Damage Prevention Tips for Philadelphia Residents

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides fire damage restoration services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The estimated risk of home fires doubles during the Thanksgiving holiday, which isn’t something you’d generally be thankful about. Nobody give thanks for fire damage and smoke damage while saying Thanksgiving grace before dinner. The most obvious culprit when it comes to […]

Take This Time to ConDUCT Cleaning in Media, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides Duct Cleaning in Media, PA and surrounding areas There is a relatively brief expanse of time during spring and early summer during which you don’t necessarily have to use either your furnace or your air conditioning. This brief respite of time between furnace and air conditioning operations provides an excellent time […]

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