Why ServiceMaster by ARTec Thinks Carpet Cleaning is the Best Investment For Your King of Prussia, PA Floors

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Are you a King of Prussia, PA homeowner?

As much as you love your home, you know it comes with its headaches. With the mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and yard work, you have many “irons in the fire,” so to speak. ServiceMaster by ARTec understands this.

It’s inevitable you’ll look at your carpet one day and realize you need to do something with it. It looks worn, grimy, and has stains in multiple places.

It’s at this point you have four choices:

  • Do nothing
  • Do it yourself
  • Hire a professional
  • Replace your carpets

Today, we’ll go over all the options with the hopes you see that working with a professional for carpet cleaning services is the simplest, easiest, and most economic route to take.

Sure, You Could do it Yourself

 You could change your own oil, fix your own broken phone screen, or attempt to fix your sink. Yet there are businesses providing these services that thrive. Why? Because we’re busy. Because we don’t want to do everything ourselves.

 That’s the power and beauty of economics. We have resources to help each other do the things we don’t want to do and solve each other’s problems.

Do you really want to lug around a carpet cleaning machine, exert significant levels of elbow grease, and take a hit on your credit card to do it yourself?

That sounds like a ton of work. Fortunately, there are other options. 

Carpet Replacement vs. Carpet Cleaning – What the Numbers Say

According to HomeAdvisor, most King of Prussia, PA, homeowners spend $856 to $2,431 on carpet replacement, with a low of $325 and a high of $4,000.

 Yes, for this range of prices, you’ll receive a fresh and immaculate carpet, but consider what type of cost-effective care you could receive via carpet cleaning services for the same price.

Let’s break it down.

Taking the average of $856 and $2,431, or $1,644, you could receive about 7 full carpet-cleaning treatments from ServiceMaster by ARTec (our 5-room price was used in this estimate).

Considering the fact you can make your carpet look new again with one carpet cleaning, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves.

Less Pressure 

If your parents ever replaced their carpets during your childhood, you remember the fear instilled in your heart to keep you from ruining the carpet. They just shelled out a bunch of cash for their carpet, and they made sure you kept your dirty little paws and feet off it.

It’s a typical reaction after making such a large investment.

Imagine you just replaced your carpets. What if, three days after having them replaced, red wine was spilled on it?

 In and of itself, the spill isn’t so bad. But after just having replaced your carpet, it’d be devastating.

Imagine the same scenario knowing you had the option of utilizing carpet cleaning for a fraction of the cost. You’d be a bit perturbed, but you’d know who to call, and probably wouldn’t sweat it nearly as much as you would in the first scenario.

Take the Smart and Savvy Route

 Think about it. Do you really want people tearing up your home to replace your carpet? Or does having a crew of trained professionals swiftly and easily clean it occasionally sound better?

It’s an easy choice.

If your carpet needs a little tender love and care in King of Prussia, PA, pick up the phone and call the carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec today at (610) 626-9002!

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