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Myth: The carpets been purchased in the last 2 years and it doesn’t  look like it needs a cleaning

FACT: Carpeting acts as a natural filter for everything from dirt, dust particles and debris to pollen, dander and dust mites! There is also a good amount of microscopic dirt and bacteria that your carpets hold that cannot be seen. These particles are not only a hazarded to your heath, but also can break down the carpet’s fibers, leaving  it  looking dull, dirty, dingy, matted, worn and abused.installation

It is imperative that the carpet cleaning method actually be “steam” clean extraction in order to produce water hot enough to sanitize your living areas and kill off and extract the bacteria and why the continuing application of a carpet protectant is so essential to continue the longevity of your carpeting.

Myth: Carpet protection Seems way too expensive to be worth it

FACT: In the long run, carpet protection is actually the cheapest and easiest route. Your carpeting is more than likely the single biggest investment within your home. And just like anything else, if you want it to look beautiful 10 years into the future, it needs to be properly maintained and cared for. The two levels of protection (stain protection and soil resistance); provide you with more time to clean up spots and spills, which reduces the likelihood of a permanent stain.

Myth: My carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned by a professional—I vacuum frequently and can rent a carpet cleaning machine

FACT: While it is great to vvaccumingacuum on a regular basis, it’s not always enough to get a deep clean. We strongly discourage the use regular vacuuming and rental machines as the only maintenance you carpet. For larger areas or entire rooms, these machines do not have the power to extract all of the water and moisture that they are able to put out. Secondly, the recommended detergent, dilution ratios leave way too much soap and residue suspended within all that moisture. These soils eventually wick to surface and act as a magnet, which ultimately attracts more dirt, grime and grease and leaves your carpet dingy, dirty and matted.

Myth: All professional carpet cleaners are the same

FACT: All professional carpet cleaners are NOT the same. Here are a few pointers you should insist on when seeking professional carpet cleaning:

  • Price – If an advertised price sounds too good to be true – it is! Use common sense; a low price usually equates to low quality for any product or service. Legitimate business people have expenses they must cover, including license, taxes, insurance, employee wages, and benefits, and quality tools of the trade.
  • Quality – Never should the price of cleaning services be the sole criterion for selecting a carpet cleaner. A price that sounds high may not be a signal of a rip-off. In all professions, quality work deserves a quality price.
  • Truth in Advertising – Read the fine print in advertised specials to find out exactly Residential Tile & Groutwhat the price includes, and request a firm price in writing before the work begins.
  • Training – Professional cleaning firms require management and employees to engage in formal training and certifications in a variety of cleaning disciplines, and these educational efforts will be ongoing.  Consumers should ask about the formal training background of technicians who will be cleaning their carpet.
  • Experience & Knowledge– The years of experience a firm has, combined with formal training programs, contribute significantly to the experience and proficiency of its employees.
  • References – Consumers should ask for references from previous customers, and they should consult friends and business acquaintances about the reputation of the cleaning firm they are considering.
  • Trade Associations – Professional cleaning firms are members of regional or national trade associations or other organizations that promote high ethical standards and continuing education.
  • Method – Ask the cleaner which method of cleaning will be used and the advantages and disadvantages of this method compared to other methods.
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