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If you’re a Media, PA homeowner you know that homeownership comes with unexpected twists and turns lurking around every corner.

If you have a family, you can go ahead and multiply the unexpected events by ten.

You do your best to make sure your home, and the people in it, are safe, and you know the importance of acting quickly when a situation spirals out of control.

You can handle most situations on your own, but there are some that require the help of a professional. When disaster strikes, you need to count on someone who can step in and fix the situation quickly.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve often talked about water damage restoration in terms of natural disasters like floods or storms, but it can also occur from a source within your home.

Pipes in your home can bust for various reasons, which can lead to water and mold damage. Our burst pipe cleanup service will remove the excess water caused by burst pipes and bring your home back to its predamaged state as soon as possible.

Today we’re going to share some information on how to avoid burst pipes, and also let you know why we’re the ones to call for burst pipe cleanup when it’s needed.

Avoid Burst Pipes by Following These Safety Tips

  • Check your pipes for leaks regularly – If you do spot leaks in your pipes the problem needs to be taken care of immediately before it gets worse. In some cases, they can be sealed, in others they need to be replaced.
  • Check your water heater – Be sure to have your water heater checked or serviced at least once per year. Faulty water heaters can cause pipes to burst.
  • Pay attention during cold weather – Winter always approaches faster than expected. When cold weather hits, your pipes are especially vulnerable to bursting if they freeze. There are several techniques you can use to combat this problem, such as opening cabinet doors beneath the sink to let warm air circulate around the pipes.

Call ServiceMaster by ARTec for Burst Pipe Cleanup Services When Time is of the Essence

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: When water damage occurs, you must act fast. Water damage leads to mold damage when it isn’t dealt with correctly.

Fortunately, we have a team of trained technicians available around the clock to provide a timely response in order to mitigate damage.

We’ve encountered and can handle nearly every type of water damage situation. Our burst pipe cleanup services will help restore your Media, PA home in no time.

In the case of an unfortunate event, please contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002 to schedule an appointment for burst pipe cleanup services.


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