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ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares the Process of Providing Fire Damage Services for HVAC Systems in West Chester, PA

in Fire Damage, Fire Restoration by ServiceMaster

When you think about fire damage services, you might consider some of the obvious aspects of restoring your home like cleaning soot-covered surfaces and restoring walls, furniture, and prized possession. While all the aforementioned tasks are a part of fire damage services, they don’t cover the extent of it. Today, we’re going to discuss an […]

Fire Damage Restoration in New Castle, DE – Why Restoration Conducted by ServiceMaster by ARTec Works Better Than Replacement

in Fire Damage, Fire Restoration by ServiceMaster

In the aftermath of a fire, you’ll look at your New Castle, DE, home and wonder if it’ll ever be the same again. Depending on the extent of the damage done to your home, you may feel like you’ll have to completely start over. While that may be true in a few cases, there are […]

ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares 3 Winter-Specific Disaster Restoration Events Philadelphia, PA Residents Should Look Out For

in disaster restoration by ServiceMaster

Disaster restoration events happen year-round, but some are caused by specific elements of each individual season. Today, ServiceMaster by ARTec wants to share some winter-specific dangers to look out for. Burst Pipes Homes across the east coast, including Philadelphia, PA, have been experiencing an increase of burst pipe catastrophes due to freezing temperatures. The reason […]

5 Facts and Tips From ServiceMaster by ARTec About Residential Fires to Help You Avoid the Need for Fire Damage Restoration in Philadelphia, PA

in Fire Damage, Fire Restoration by ServiceMaster

You can’t predict when a fire will occur. You can’t even necessarily stop certain types of fires with any preventative measures—most times they just happen.  You can, however, be aware of the causes, do what you can to prevent the need for fire damage restoration, and use the facts available to make smart choices for […]

House Fires Cause Emotional Damage and Fire Damage in Philadelphia, PA

in Fire Damage, Fire Damage Repair, Fire Restoration by ServiceMaster

Residential fires in Philadelphia, PA, are sadly a common disaster, and often the results of human error. It’s been estimated that 80% of all fires in U.S. homes are a result of leaving candles, stoves, cigarettes, or fireplaces unattended. While house fires can cause significant damage to the structure, they can also leave residents with […]

How to Prepare for Disasters and Disaster Restoration in New Castle, DE

in Board Up Services, disaster restoration, Disaster Restoration Services by ServiceMaster

Disasters can happen quickly and without notice, but occasionally, you’ll get a warning before the disaster hits. At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we help the New Castle, DE, area prepare for the worst and save their home and belongings with disaster restoration services. There are things a person can do to prepare and one of those […]

SerivceMaster by ARTec Explains the Soot Removal Process and More for New Castle, DE Homeowners

in Fire Damage, Fire Restoration, Smoke Damage Cleanup by ServiceMaster

Soot removal requires the total elimination of soot from the various surfaces of your home. Some areas are easier to attend to, while others require a high attention to detail to ensure all soot is thoroughly removed and your home is once again safe to inhabit. Today, we’re going to discuss the areas of your […]

Bedroom Fires Are the Leading Cause of Fire Damage in Chester, PA

in Fire Damage, Fire Damage Repair by ServiceMaster

For many years the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has waged campaigns urging people to not smoke in bed. It’s a well known fact that falling asleep with a lit cigarette can spell a fire disaster. However, there are other ways that fires can begin in the bedroom in your Chester, PA, home. ServiceMaster by […]

How to Prevent and What to do in the Event of a Water Damage Catastrophe in Philadelphia, PA

in Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Water Damage Restoration Services by ServiceMaster

When a water damage catastrophe occurs at your Philadelphia, PA, home, the damage can extend beyond the affected area. The problem with water damage is the fact the damage compounds as time increases. Let’s say, for example, an ice dam or clogged gutters causes water damage in an uncommonly visited area of your home, like […]

ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares the Six-Month Rule for Upholstery Cleaning Services in Media, PA

in Uncategorized by ServiceMaster

Upholstery cleaning services will benefit your furniture, but how often should you have it performed at your Media, PA, home or business? At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we believe in making the right recommendations for our customers, telling the truth, and being transparent. You don’t need upholstery cleaning services every week, but the following rule of […]

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