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While Waiting for the Water Damage Restoration Crew in Springfield PA

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When it comes to water damage restoration in Springfield, PA and the surrounding areas, response time is critical to mitigating loss and stopping damage in its tracks. With the help of a professional like ServiceMaster by ARTec, you can be guaranteed a quick response to burst pipes, flooded basements and overflowing washing machines. Our emergency […]

Spring Into the Season with Carpet Cleaning in Villanova, PA

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While there’s always the chance for one last late season snowfall, for the most part it’s probably safe to assume spring has firmly established itself. The snow has given way to spring rains and mud, and that mud has been dutifully tracked into your home by children, pets and indifferent guests. So, it’s time for […]

Mind the Rain Gutters to Prevent Water Damage in Springfield, PA

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There are typically two times during the year when you have to really stop and think about the rain gutter system on your home roof: the fall and the spring. You think about it in the fall due to the falling leaves and other detritus it accumulates which can become a clogging nightmare during the […]

The Floodgates of Spring May Mean Water Damage in Springfield, PA

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April is a wonderful time of year. The trees and grass explode with fresh greenery after a long winter sleep. Flowers sprout and bloom, and there’s the long-forgotten smell of barbecue grilling wafting on the air. That is, when it’s not raining. After all, you can’t have all that lush new greenery and sprouting freshness […]

Damage Repair for House Fires Big and Small in West Chester, PA

in Fire Restoration, ServiceMaster by ARTec by ServiceMaster

When you think of fire damage, it’s easy to conjure the worst case scenario where a house burns to the ground, leaving nothing but smoldering ashes and a crumbling foundation. In actuality, fire damage can range anywhere from minimal to catastrophic and everything in between, depending on the source of the fire and how quickly […]

Dealing with Hoarder Cleanup in West Chester, PA

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Hoarding is a difficult affliction. Psychologists are torn about whether hoarding is a symptom of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, a combination of both, or something else entirely. Regardless of a hoarder’s psychological manifestations, the physical manifestations aren’t difficult to recognize. If you walk into a hoarder’s home, you’ll probably find it difficult to locate a path […]

How Melting Snow Can Cause Water Damage to Your West Chester Home

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Not that anyone is complaining, but March ushered in some unseasonably warm weather here in West Chester, PA and the surrounding areas. However, combined with the relentless snowfalls visited upon us earlier this winter, the relatively early onset of spring brings with it some serious flooding considerations. The end of winter always brings with it […]

How Black Mold Grows During Winter in West Chester Homes

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March is here, which means black mold has had a lot of time over the winter months to fester within your home. There’s nothing quite like nice, warm, and occasionally humid enclosed spaces to encourage black mold spores to think “Hey, this looks like a nice place to set up a long-term breeding ground.” In […]

Join Our March Madness Bracket Pool for a Chance to Win a Mini iPad!

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At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we like to be liked. We also like it when people “Like” our Facebook page. We’re trying to expand our social networking sphere, and we think Facebook is a great tool towards achieving that goal. We use Facebook to announce recent disaster recovery achievements, new hires, customer satisfaction testimonials, and much more! […]

Daylight Saving Time is Almost Here, Time to Check Your Smoke Detectors!

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As we enter the month of March, thoughts turn to spring. Spring is the perfect time to reflect on what is needed to keep your home safe from fires, and provides the perfect, timely occasion to do just that! March 8 is just around the corner, which probably doesn’t mean much to most people until […]

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