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A Few Thoughts You Might Have before Hiring ServiceMaster by ARTec for Residential Cleaning in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

in Carpet Cleaning, Floor Care by ServiceMaster

Have you ever walked into your house after a long day’s work and thought, “Wow, this place could really use a good cleaning!”? If so, it’s time to call ServiceMaster by ARTec to clean your Delaware County home to perfection. Has my grout always been that color? Tile grout is one of the most challenging […]

How ServiceMaster by ARTec Guarantees a Positive Commercial & Residential Cleaning Experience in Delaware County, PA

in Uncategorized by ServiceMaster

Guarantees feel good, especially when it comes to paid services for your home and business. ServiceMaster by ARTec provides plenty of guarantees for a pleasant experience when you need residential and commercial cleaning or disaster restoration in the Delaware County, PA area. No Hidden Prices We know the frustration of thinking you’re paying one price, […]

How to Keep Your Delaware County, PA Residence Clean This Summer Season

in Uncategorized by ServiceMaster

When Pennsylvania recorded its hottest temperature ever on July 10th, 1936, things sizzled at 111° Fahrenheit! Hopefully, this summer doesn’t bear such a heat wave, but even the milder temperatures of the 70s and 80s can do a serious number on your home. ServiceMaster by ARTec is an expert in residential cleaning and we’re here […]

Let ServiceMaster by ARTec Help with your Commercial Reconstruction In King of Prussia, PA

in Construction Services by ServiceMaster

What do you do when disaster strikes? More specifically, what do you do when disasters like fires, floods, or vandalism strike your business? It isn’t only residences that have disasters like water damage, fire damage, or vandalism. Commercial businesses have these worries as well, and ServiceMaster by ARTec helps businesses not only with commercial construction […]

Summer Residential Construction in King of Prussia, PA

in Uncategorized by ServiceMaster

At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we know that the summer months in the King of Prussia, PA area can be the best months for starting that long-awaited renovation or residential construction project. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and that kitchen, bathroom, window or siding project is just begging to be completed. ServiceMaster by […]

The Effects of Mold in Your Springfield, PA Home and Business

in Mold Remediation by ServiceMaster

Odds are mold is growing somewhere in your Springfield, PA home or business. It’s shocking to hear, but mold is one of the most well hidden health-threatening nuisances in any building. This is not only bad for the infrastructure of your facility and home, but also puts you, your workers, and your family at risk […]

The Top 3 Reasons Your King of Prussia, PA Home Needs Residential Cleaning

in Residential Cleaning by ServiceMaster

Considered one of the best ServiceMaster disaster restoration teams in the King of Prussia, PA area, ServiceMaster by ARTec offers a wide variety of emergency relief services. But there doesn’t need to be a crisis to call. ServiceMaster by ARTec residential cleaning plans are sensible, affordable, and brought to you by a ServiceMaster company with […]

Flooding Tips Part 3 of 3 | What To Do AFTER A Flood in Villanova, PA

in Uncategorized by ServiceMaster

In our previous post, ServiceMaster by ARTec provided tips for what you can do while a flood is underway. Here is a brief recap of the steps to take during a flood in your area: Remain informed of weather broadcasts and updates Move to higher ground Follow evacuation orders Practice safety with electrical equipment Avoid […]

Flooding Tips Part 2 of 3 | What To Do DURING A Flood in Villanova, PA

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

In our previous post, ServiceMaster by ARTec provided some tips you can use to help prepare before for a flood strikes. To summarize: Create a communications plan Put together an emergency kit Sign up for weather alerts Check your home’s plumbing, circuit breakers, and sump pump Pack Charge essential electronics Evacuate your home if necessary […]

Flooding Tips Part 1 of 3 | What To Do BEFORE A Flood in Villanova, PA

in Water Damage by ServiceMaster

In this segment, we’ll be focusing on what to do before a flood hits. Hopefully, with this information, you can minimize the amount of water damage that is done to your home, as well as keep your family safe. In Pennsylvania, the common flooding hazards are: River flooding Flash flooding Ice and debris jams Dam […]

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