How Black Mold Grows During Winter in West Chester Homes

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March is here, which means black mold has had a lot of time over the winter months to fester within your home. There’s nothing quite like nice, warm, and occasionally humid enclosed spaces to encourage black mold spores to think “Hey, this looks like a nice place to set up a long-term breeding ground.”

In smaller quantities, black mold can be more of a visual nuisance — something you have to scrub from between bathroom and/or kitchen tiles. Such amounts can be easily removed with commercial tile cleaners and a little effort.

However, there are places within the home that black mold can establish itself and grow to astonishing proportions. If humidity or water manages to leak between walls and ceilings, black mold can flourish even in the cooler northern climates, such as here in West Chester, PA and surrounding communities.

Such hidden, extensive colonies of black mold growth carries with them all the associated respiratory health risks that are known to accompany long term black mold spore inhalation. These health risks include aggravated asthma conditions, protracted colds, catastrophic pneumonia, and many other existing conditions.

Further, black mold can cause structural damage to a home. Black mold can work its way into sheetrock, defying black mold remediation attempts and requiring the removal and replacement of the infested building material.

If you experience negative health symptoms indicating black mold in your home, call in professionals who have the materials and equipment necessary for detecting if and where black mold is present in your home.

ServiceMaster by ARTec is your local professional provider of black mold detection and black mold remediation services. Our experienced black mold remediation specialists will rid your home of black mold and take steps to ensure it won’t return.

Don’t let black mold affect your home and your health one day longer. Call the black mold remediation specialists at ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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