Expert Help for Biohazard Cleanup after an Unattended Death: The Cleaning Process

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An unattended death can present considerable challenges: the most difficult being the emotional toll if the deceased is a friend or loved one. A close relationship to the deceased is usually the No. 1 reason someone requests help with the necessary biohazard cleanup. You can rely on ServiceMaster by ARTec technicians in New Castle, DE, to be courteous, discreet, and professional.


Continue reading for a primer on our cleanup process.



Unattended Death at Home and Biohazard Cleanup

If there is a gap of time between the unattended death and the discovery of the body, then biohazard cleanup can become more work-intensive because the body starts decomposing, resulting in odors and the spread of biohazards.


Our experts take various steps to ensure cleanup is performed at, and exceeding, industry standards.


First Step: Evaluation

The first task our technicians complete is spraying the serum indicator across the room to analyze the spread of body fluids where the body was decomposing. This way, they are able to analyze severity of the damage the building has sustained.


Our biohazard cleanup experts also carry out an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test, another means of determining the extent of cleanup necessary.



Second Step: Containment

After the initial evaluation, our professionals move onto the next step of containment:  creating transition and clear zones to carry out necessary biohazard cleanup work.


Our technicians make use of different types of equipment ranging from hydroxyl generators to air scrubbers and air movers to remove dust and odors from the cleanup zone.


Third Step: Cleanup

Our experts select appropriate enzyme cleaners for foaming the location where contaminants are found. Then they use industrial strength scour pads to complete the required cleanup in the affected location.


During cleanup, our experts make decisions about which items are to be discarded, like carpets and bedding, since they cannot be properly cleaned up after they get contaminated. After the cleanup is complete, disinfection is carried out using a foamer.


Final inspection is performed using ATP tests to make sure the required level of cleanliness has been attained.


Biohazard Cleanup inside Vehicles

In case of an unattended death inside any vehicle, a biohazard cleanup becomes necessary. The following is some insight into the cleanup process our experts follow.


First, our technicians perform an ATP test to trace surfaces where cellular activity is taking place. If the car’s seat cushions, carpet floor mats, or similar other porous materials are present, then these are discarded since effective cleaning cannot be performed for such items.


After that, all of the car’s surfaces are wiped using a degreasing agent, and a disinfection solution is sprayed to remove all blood-borne pathogens. A final ATP test is performed to make sure the desired results are achieved.


Biohazard cleanup can be a difficult and intense process, but ServiceMaster by ARTec technicians in New Castle, DE, have the experience, tools, and ability to get the job done correctly the first time. Call us at (610) 626-9002 or use our contact form to reach us today.

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