Biohazard Cleanup and the Involved Complexities and Challenges

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If any biohazard incident occurs at your home in Philadelphia, PA, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately for biohazard cleanup. Our experts have thorough knowledge of the complexities of such tasks and the standards they need to follow related to bloodborne pathogens and preventing the spread of contamination during cleanup.

In the following sections we’ll look into the important role our experts play in this type of cleanup work.


Biohazard Cleanup and the Challenges

Understand the Kind of Waste Generated at the Incident Site: Our experts utilize their experience and knowledge to analyze the different types of wastes that are present at an incident site. They then select a method based upon its suitability in handling such wastes.

Adhere to Standards: There are strict standards to be followed when it comes to biohazard cleanup. Experienced technicians are fully aware of these standards and follow them while performing cleanup work.

Implement Exposure Control: Trained technicians make sure that there is a plan of action in place related to exposure control proportional to the adverse situation they face.

Proper Selection of Disinfectants: Disinfectants play a vital role in the cleanup process, and experts select a disinfectant that is capable of stopping diseases and germs from spreading.

Correct Execution of Tasks

Executing tasks in the correct manner is of critical importance during this type of cleanup:

  • Technicians use their experience to select devices that will help them isolate or completely remove biohazards from an incident site
  • Our experts apply well-defined work practices to ensure all the tasks are performed correctly, like the approved techniques for the disposal of contaminated sharps
  • Professionals utilize required personal protective equipment (PPE) to eliminate any exposure risk during cleanup work
  • Being aware of biohazard cleanup standards, our experts follow required procedural guidelines related to labeling containers and bags so they can be handled and disposed of properly


These are just a few examples of the requirements that must be observed while conducting biohazard cleanup. The professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the required training and experience to perform this type of regulated work, and we’ll take any and every step necessary to return things back to how they were before the incident.

If your Philadelphia, PA home requires biohazard cleanup, contact us at (610) 626-9002 immediately. We’ll quickly dispatch a team, analyze the situation, and begin the needed cleanup work.

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