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ServiceMaster by ARTec has cleaned many, many carpets, and there’s one thing we know for sure – the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates on and in your carpet is much more than you imagine.

Have you ever noticed how much dust, dirt, and debris accumulates on the different surfaces of your home? Think of how often you must dust your furniture or sweep your kitchen. No matter how careful you are, it all needs to be cleaned, and often.

Better yet, move your stove or refrigerator to see what’s lurking beneath and behind them.

Dirt, dust, grime, and debris just have a way of accumulating.

It’s apparent on certain surfaces because it’s more visible. When it comes to your carpet, however, the accumulation can be hard to notice.


You don’t take a mental picture of your carpet every day. You don’t notice if it gets a shade darker in a day.

Before and after pictures always amaze and startle us because, as human beings, we have a hard time noticing gradual changes.

You’ve experienced this phenomenon when your jeans “all of the sudden” don’t fit anymore, your tire tread is worn off, or your carpet looks so bad you want to replace it.

Utilizing professional carpet cleaning services on a routine basis helps you avoid the need to replace it and can even save it when you think it’s past the point of no return.

Your Carpet Before and After Carpet Cleaning Services

 Before carpet cleaning services, the look of your carpet will range from “meh” to “ugh.” After carpet cleaning services it will turn to “wow” or “That’s what the original color of the carpet was!”

We’re teasing, but you’d be surprised how everyday wear and tear plus accumulation of dirt, dust, and other filth can change the look of your carpets over time.

Before carpet cleaning services, you have that spot or two you try not to notice, but can’t help feeling a little disgusted at when it reaches the corner of your eye. After carpet cleaning, the stain and the disgust both disappear.

Before carpet cleaning services, you’re not ashamed of your home, per se, but you’re not ranting and raving about how beautiful your carpets are. After carpet cleaning services, you’re ready to show your New Castle, DE home again!

To schedule an appointment for our professional and thorough carpet cleaning services, please contact ServiceMaster by ARTec at (610) 626-9002 today!

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