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As February arrives in the Philadelphia, PA, area, it’s important to know that you’re ready for anything, especially when it comes to preventing winter water damage! And especially as the seasons change from winter to spring, make sure that you know what could happen around your home and spare yourself the need for water damage restoration.

Here are just a few of the potential, unexpected issues that might arise, and cause winter water damage during this time of year:

Winter Weather Changes:

Although many folks expect the weather to be a little inconsistent during this time of year, unexpected storms can still throw you off balance. Whether it’s an issue with rain or snow, make sure that your gutters and rain spouts are clear and safe, and not clogged with ice!

 Toilet Blockages and Clogs:

Clogged toilets happen sometimes, but it’s a bigger issue when the pipes become blocked or burst, and the toilet overflows. An overflow is not only a wet, difficult-to-clean issue, it’s also a potential health hazard. Make sure to bring in a professional to help out if your toilet clogs!

Air Conditioner Issues:

Most folks wouldn’t think to check the air conditioner to reduce the risk of water damage, but this is an important place to inspect. After years of use, air conditioners collect excess moisture in your home, which can leak into the floors. Before you turn on your air conditioner for the first hot day of the year, make sure to spend some time changing its filter!

Water Damage Restoration

So, if you are looking to prevent water damage and water damage restoration in the Philadelphia, PA, area, make sure that you have the knowledge to get started. It’s important that you’re prepared for anything and know the common causes of water damage so that you can avoid needing water damage restoration.

Give us a call today at (610) 626-9002 today, and allow us to answer any questions you have about the process!

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