5 Crucial Aspects of Fire Damage Repair Services for Media, PA, Home or Business Owners

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If your Media, PA, home or business suffers from a fire, it will require fire damage repair services.

When you hear the words fire damage repair services, what comes to mind? It almost seems vague.

You know we’re going to fix problems and help bring your home back to form again, but do you know all of the different aspects involved in the process?

Today we’re going to explain a few of the services within our services and show you why ServiceMaster by ARTec is the company to choose when it comes to fire damage repair.

Think of everything a home or business entails—furniture, wiring, plumbing, floors, appliances, and more—and you’ll see why the fire damage repair process will quickly become complicated.

We developed our services in a way that covers as many of these elements as possible, which is why we include the following as part of our services:

  • Emergency electrical services – Our staff of trained technicians will work to repair any damage done to the electrical wiring of your home. We want to ensure that both cosmetic and vital features of your property are restored
  • Emergency plumbing services – Like the wiring in your home, your plumbing can be compromised due to a fire. This is another vital area that needs attention, and our team is equipped to handle the situation
  • Emergency board up – A fire can leave areas of your home exposed, such as doorways, windows, and walls. We’ll board up these areas immediately so the restoration process can move forward without any unnecessary hiccups due to property exposure
  • Emergency roof repairs and roof tarps – Similar to the areas that need boarding up, your roof is a prime candidate for damage when it comes to a fire. Again, the last thing you’d want is poor weather ruining your home further through an exposed roof, so we’ll provide tarp for it and subsequently repair it
  • Smoke damage removal – Smoke damage spreads far and wide after a fire. Soot can find its way into the tiniest nooks and crannies of your home or business. The ventilation system can be compromised as well. As time passes, these issues tend to get more complicated, so we make it our priority to mitigate the damage and restore your property as quickly as possible


These five items don’t even cover the entire range of services within the service of fire damage repair. We shared them today to show you just how much goes into the restoration process.

Fire damage repair requires an experienced company you can trust. ServiceMaster by ARTec can be that company for you and your Media, PA, home or business.


In the case of the unexpected, please give us a call at (610) 626-9002.

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