Are You Making One of These 5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Garnet Valley, PA?

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Could you be doing more harm than good when it comes to cleaning your Garnet Valley, PA carpet?

If you’re not careful, your carpet cleaning attempts could actually be making things worse.

The good thing is that these mistakes can be fixed and you can have your carpet looking beautiful once again. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to solve the problem.

Here are some common mistakes people make when it comes to carpet cleaning:

  1. Vigorously rubbing a carpet stain – It makes sense to think that scrubbing away at your carpet stain would be an ideal carpet cleaning strategy, but it’s actually bad for your carpet. Attempting to clean your carpet this way can actually push the stains even deeper into the fibers of your carpet. Forcefully scrubbing away at a stain can also damage the fibers in your carpet. It’s better to use blotting as a carpet cleaning method.
  2. Letting the stain set in – We get it. You may have kids and pets running around the house and when a spill happens you’re not able to attend to it right away. The problem is that the longer you wait to try and remove the stain, the harder it becomes. The odds of you being able to remove the stain effectively are much lower if you don’t act immediately.
  3. Using the wrong cleaning product – If you use the wrong carpet cleaning, product you may leave your carpet worse off than it was before you started. Using the wrong type of cleaning product can lead to discoloration and cause damage to your carpet.
  4. Using deodorizing powder incorrectly – Sure, using a deodorizing powder will make your carpets smell fresh, but it’s not a substitution for a thorough cleaning. If your vacuum isn’t powerful enough to lift the powder from your carpet, there may be a gunky residue left over afterwards.
  5. Never having your carpet professionally cleaned – Accidents happen. Over the lifetime of your carpet there are bound to be spills and your carpet may face some wear and tear over time. The use of properly trained carpet cleaning professionals like the ones provided by ServiceMaster by ARTec is a great way to rejuvenate your carpet and reduce your headaches when it comes to routine carpet cleaning. Why not let someone with experience and skills take care of your precious floor covering?


For more information or to schedule an appointment for professional carpet cleaning in Garnet Valley, PA, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec at 610-626-9002. Let us help you make your carpet look brand new again!

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