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April showers bring May flowers…but they can also bring unwanted damage to your home and property. Here are a few tips to make sure those April showers only lead to flowers:

Double Check Your Rain Gutters: If you haven’t gotten a chance to clean out the leaves and twigs that may be left over from this past winter, now is the time!  Check for any other cracks or damages that could be preventing proper drainage. Lastly, be sure that the downspout is at least 12-18 inches away from the base of your house.leakyroof

Maintain Your Sump Pump System: Heavy rains and storms can cause downpours that could shut off the power that keeps your sump pump working correctly. These power outages can lead to flooded basements. Consider installing battery backup systems to give yourself an added layer of protection. While you’re examining your pump, take the time to remove any dirt or debris nearby that could block draining.

Clear Out Property Drains: Even the best exterior drainage systems can get clogged.  Drains work to move water away from your home, so keeping the drains clear can prevent any water back up. Throughout the season, visually inspect the openings and clear away any potential obstructions.

Repair Roof Damage: Check or hire a professional to check out your roof for any existing damage. Cracks, holes, loose or missing shingles can leave your home susceptible for rain waters to cause further damage. April’s storms can also bring hail—hail damage can cause may not cause leaks immediately, but over a period of time when there is thawing and freezing the damage done may lead to leaks inside your home.

Check Insurance Policy: If you don’t have flood insurance, look into obtaining it.  Many time’s homeowners are unaware of what is covered and what is not and are not prepared when disasters occur. Water damage happens when you least expect it and can cause costly damages.

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