An Insight into Aspects That Influence Selection of a Disinfectant During Biohazard Cleanup

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Any type of traumatic incident in your home in Philadelphia, PA can increase the risk of biohazards spreading in your home. To protect yourself and your family from the risk of infectious diseases, hire ServiceMaster by ARTec to conduct safe and thorough biohazard cleanup. Our experts will ensure there are no biological contaminants present in your home after the cleanup work is completed.

During biohazard cleanup, our experts put special attention on the selection of the right disinfectants to control microbial activity. Here, we’ll look at the common active ingredients present in most of the antimicrobial disinfectants our experts use during biohazard cleanup.


Quaternary Ammonium Chloride (Quats)

Quats are known for their antimicrobial properties. The benefits of using quats is that they have lower odors and toxicity, do not corrode metals, and, unlike chlorine, they do not bleach textiles.

In addition, quats have broad efficacy, excellent versatility with good tolerance levels for different pH conditions, the ability to manage organic soil load, and fungistatic as well as bacteriostatic properties that offers effective germ killing and long-lasting effects.

During application, our experts keep note of the certain limitation quats have, such as:

  • Quats become inactivated when they come in contact with soaps and hard water
  • Quats are diluted as directed to maintain their efficacy and care is taken to ensure a quat solution is not over diluted and loses its ability to halt germ growth



Phenolic agents use denaturation as a mechanism for killing germs by disrupting the structure of their protein. The benefits of using a phenolic disinfectant is that they have broader efficacy, are able to kill different types of germs, and many phenols have very low toxicity.

Similar to quats, phenols have certain limitations that experts keep note of while selecting any particular type of phenolic agent-based disinfectant. For instance, technicians know that specific detergent compounds tend to inactivate phenols.

To summarize, there are special considerations that technicians need to keep note of while performing biohazard cleanup. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the competency to perform cleanup safely and correctly, completely disinfect, and make your home livable.

If any biohazard incident has occurred at your home, give us a call immediately at (610) 626-9002. Our team will reach your home in Philadelphia, PA, evaluate the situation, and begin the required cleanup and disinfection work on an urgent basis.

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