ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares Why Upholstery Cleaning is a MUST for People with Allergies in Media, PA

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Do you suffer from allergies?

It’s mid-August, which means ragweed season is around the corner. Ragweed pollenates this time of year and can be particularly aggravating to those with allergies.

Exposure to ragweed can lead to hay fever and bronchitis. If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately.

This is a blog about upholstery cleaning, so why are we bringing up airborne allergies that occur outside? We understand you already have to deal with aggravations to your allergies when you’re outside, so we’d hate to see you suffer from them while you’re inside as well.

This is where upholstery cleaning services by ServiceMaster by ARTec comes in.

Upholstery Cleaning Services Helps Fight the Battle Against Allergies

As you know, allergic reactions are caused by microscopic particles in the form of pollen, ragweed, or other irritants.

While much of the focus is put on airborne allergens, large amounts of allergens can accumulate on and in the furniture of your Media, PA home.

As a person with allergies, wouldn’t you want to take every preventative measure you can to ensure your chances of aggravation are their lowest?

Of course you would, but sometimes life gets in the way. You’re busy. You also might be wondering how effective upholstery cleaning is.

Our three-step process is simple, time efficient, and cost effective.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pre-inspection – We’ll work to identify tough stains and treat them prior to performing deep cleaning.
  2. Deep cleaning – We’ll use our special extraction methods to remove deeply embedded dirt, grime, and debris, including pollen and other allergens.
  3. Post Cleaning – We’ll re-inspect your upholstery to make sure it’s been cleaned to our best ability.


That’s it. In a short amount of time you can have a health-boosting atmosphere in your home thanks to upholstery cleaning.

We’ll remove those harmful particles from your furniture so you can breathe easy this fall. To learn more about upholstery cleaning, or to schedule an appointment for your Media, PA, home, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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