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Flood restoration services can become necessary at any time and just about in any place. If you live near water, have modern plumbing, or have a home anywhere where it rains, flood damage is a possibility. Luckily for Media, PA, residents, the local flood damage experts with ServiceMaster by ARTec can provide 24/7 services and peace of mind when the unthinkable occurs in your home.


Dealing with flood damage is a chaotic and traumatic experience. Even in cases of relatively moderate flood damage, there is always a risk of losing belongings that are important to your family or sustaining damage that will take time to repair. But even in the midst of the chaos, keeping a cool head and following some basic steps can make the flood restoration process simpler.


In the event of flood damage, the first thing that must be considered is safety. Flood restoration isn’t just about removing water, it’s also about ensuring that your home is and will remain stable. Water can do significant harm to walls, floors, and just about everything else that stabilizes your home. Plus, when significant amounts of water are in play, it can be difficult to assess and avoid other risks such as electrical injuries or contact with hazardous objects and materials. The safest action after flood damage is to remove yourself from the area until flood restoration professionals deem it safe to return.


Once you are safely able to return to your property, be sure to take plenty of photographs of your home. In an ideal situation, you will already have pre-flood photographs for insurance reasons in your records, but even if you don’t have these on hand, documenting the damage after the fact is always a good idea. Regardless of the extent of the initial flood damage, having photographs as evidence can be helpful if additional issues arise after emergency flood restoration has been completed. This type of recordkeeping can be helpful for homeowners as well as for insurance agents and flood restoration teams trying to return your home to the way it was.


Flood damage recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and having professionals help guide the way is your best shot at full home restoration. Flood damage can be overwhelming, but the flood restoration specialists here at ServiceMaster ARTec are trained to lead the way. Call us at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here today for more information on flood damage and recovery options in Media, PA.

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