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Grandmothers know many things—how to bake the best cookies, how to clean up a scraped knee and more than a thing or two about how to keep a house clean. Though their ways were probably passed down from their mothers, sometimes the oldest cleaning tricks are the best ones. Keep your Malvern, Pennsylvania home sparkling with a few tricks of the residential cleaning trade from grandmothers who have been keeping their homes clean and tidy for decades.

Use Toothpaste on Silver

What grandmother, or any silver-owner for that matter, doesn’t like to keep their silver sparkling? This age old trick uses plain toothpaste (no gels) to scrub silver until it shines. A little dab and a soft-bristle toothbrush is all it takes to polish your silver with ease. After, rinse your silver and dry with a cloth.

Use Vinegar for a Streak-Free Shine

Back before Windex was invented, vinegar was used to keep windows clean and many grandmothers still swear by it. Mix white vinegar with warm water and put it into a spray bottle, then spray generously onto your Malvern home windows. Use a cloth or newspaper to wipe your windows dry and buff out all streaks and imperfections.

Use Olive Oil for Furniture Polish

Rather than buying furniture polish, which can be full of chemicals and artificial scents, many grandmothers use good old-fashioned olive oil to polish and protect their furniture as part of their residential cleaning routine. But beware, olive oil must be used sparingly on furniture; use just enough to make your wood shine.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean and Unclog Drains

Vinegar is one household solution that has a number of applications. Back when Granny did it, there were no snakes or gels to unclog and clean drains. Instead, she sprinkled baking soda down the drain followed by white vinegar to unclog drains—and clean on the way down.

Use Lemon for Many Cleaning Jobs

Why do grandmothers trust lemons for their residential cleaning? Here are three reasons: it cleans, it’s chemical free, and it gives your house a fresh scent. There are many applications for lemons in your Malvern, Pennsylvania residential cleaning routine. A few favorites are: use half a lemon to give shine to your metal, rub it on your sponges to get rid of odor, or even use it to clean your hands after cleaning your house!

Try out these tried and true residential cleaning tips, then call ServiceMaster by ARTec to do your Malvern residential deep cleaning for you!

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