A Few Thoughts You Might Have before Hiring ServiceMaster by ARTec for Residential Cleaning in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

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Have you ever walked into your house after a long day’s work and thought, “Wow, this place could really use a good cleaning!”? If so, it’s time to call ServiceMaster by ARTec to clean your Delaware County home to perfection.

Has my grout always been that color?

Tile grout is one of the most challenging materials to clean in your residence. Because grout is porous, it quickly collects dirt and grime, turning it from a shining white to a dingy brown in a few short months. This is especially true because grout is typically used in rooms that get a lot of traffic, like the bathroom. ServiceMaster by ARTec’s residential cleaning process uses high-pressure cleaning and green cleaning products to restore your grout, and we can seal the grout lines to give it a long-lasting clean.

Aren’t wood floors supposed to shine?

Anyone who has wood floors in their home knows the pure bliss of having floors that shine and sparkle. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep wood flooring looking that way, especially with just a mop and broom. The technicians at ServiceMaster by ARTec of Delaware County, PA are pros in the residential cleaning industry, and we know how to bring that bright shine back to your wood floors with our hard surface floor cleaning.

That couch isn’t as young as it used to be.

Large furniture like couches and armchairs really pull together a room, making it comfy and cozy for you and your guests. What’s not so cozy is cuddling up on a couch that’s dirty, smelly, or grungy from years of use. Upholstery cleaning can be one of the hardest parts of residential cleaning. ServiceMaster by ARTec has a specific cleaning process for each type of fabric, and will treat spots and stains, along with polishing the trim of your furniture. Let your upholstery once again be the focus of your Delaware County home!

What’s that I feel in the carpet?

Is it sand? Is it fur? Whatever it is, it doesn’t belong in your carpet. Carpet is important to any Delaware County home, especially when it covers large areas like living rooms. ServiceMaster by ARTec grooms and cleans your carpet as part of their residential carpet cleaning process, leaving carpet smelling and feeling fresh.

If you’ve had any of these thoughts, call ServiceMaster by ARTec today for all of your residential cleaning needs in Delaware County, PA!

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