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Whether you suffered a traumatic incident, an unattended death, or an incident that could result in spread of infectious diseases, hiring an experienced firm for biohazard cleanup is a prudent decision. Here, we explore the 5 steps our experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec take to return your home to its previous contamination-free condition.


5 Steps of Biohazard Cleanup

Step #1: Initial Investigation

Was the traumatic incident an unattended death? How much time passed before the body was discovered? For instance, a death unattended for one month creates greater biohazard exposure compared to a death that has not been attended to for one week.

This knowledge helps our experts perform the initial investigation and appropriately plan the cleanup work.


Step #2: Examination of Level of Contamination

Our experts look for signs of contamination in all parts of the room where the biohazard or traumatic incident occurred as well as in adjacent rooms and hallways.

They check other areas of the building as well, such as where law enforcement officers may have tracked blood or the path that coroners took while removing the person’s remains. Our technicians also identify other biohazards present in the room, like needles, broken glasses, and so on.


Step #3: Creation of Separate Zones

Before work is started, our experts create three separate zones:  operations, transition, and clear. The room where the biohazard incident occurred is designated as the operations zone.

As its name suggests, the transition zone is used for moving from the clear to the operations zone and vice versa. Working materials are kept in the transition zone, and this is where our technicians don and remove their protective clothing before entering and leaving the other zones.

Our biohazard cleanup experts setup the necessary containment area with negative air pressure if they anticipate creation of airborne particulates during work, such as scraping of ceilings, sawing wood, and so on.


Step #4: Actual Biohazard Cleanup

After creating the separate zones, our experts begin the actual work, which consists of cleaning up biological contaminants and preparing surfaces for disinfection.

The disinfection procedure implements a tuberculocidal disinfectant with proven effectiveness in inactivating viruses that are enveloped as well as non-enveloped. Our experts ensure that that the disinfectant they select is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Step #5: Post-cleaning Verification

After the cleanup is completed, our expert technicians take an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) reading to verify that the desired level of cleanliness has been achieved.

As you have read, biohazard cleanup is comprised of 5 steps. ServiceMaster by ARTec is a firm with experienced technicians who have access to advanced equipment to perform decontamination work in the correct manner.

All you have to do is give us a call on our customer support number at (610) 626-9002, and our technicians will visit your home in King of Prussia, PA, analyze your situation, and perform cleanup work in a very discreet and compassionate manner.

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