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When it comes to disaster restoration in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, it’s important to understand exactly what to expect. For instance, there are many types of weather that can arrive with the shifting temperatures and changing of seasons during September.

Here are a few types of common disasters to look out for and how to find help in recovering from damage after disaster strikes.

  1. Tornados

 While tornados are not as prevalent in September as in other months of the year, it’s still possible, and it’s important to know how to recover following a severe storm or tornado. Because tornados can move rapidly, they can cause damage and harm very quickly.

  1. Flooding

 There are a few different types of flooding that can take place, such as flooding from a natural disaster or a burst pipe. Make sure to regularly maintain and check pipes and keep an eye out for potential leaks around your building. These can indicate areas for potential flooding.

  1. Wildfires

 Wildfires are also a threat in September, which means to take care and pay close attention to the fire danger rating in your area before burning anything outside. It’s also important to pay attention to weather changes. For example, drought can create extremely dry conditions and increase the potential for fire.

If you’re uncertain how to prepare for different types of disaster, the team at ServiceMaster by ARTec is here to support you. We specialize in disaster restoration and recovery following any natural disaster that may strike in your area. That means we have the expertise to help you recover from a tornado, flood, or wildfire damage in September and throughout the entire year.

Disaster Restoration:

After a disaster in the Philadelphia, PA area, call in the team that cares about you and your space. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec as soon as possible at (610) 626-9002. Our trained and certified technicians stand ready 24/7/365 to help with any and all disaster restoration needs.

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