ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares 3 Tips to Avoid a Disaster Situation in Philadelphia, PA

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It’s been said that attacking is one of the best forms of defense. Often, many disaster situations can be avoided. If they’re unavoidable, you can still take steps to mitigate the damage or keep the damage from compounding these events.


Why would a disaster restoration company share tips on avoiding the need for disaster restoration? As much as possible, we’d like to help you avoid these situations because they’re stressful, at times dangerous, and even life-altering.


We’ll be there in your time of need, but here are some tips you can take to avoid a disaster situation in the future.


Prune or Remove Trees


Do you have a tree with dead, diseased, and/or broken branches? Failing to do something about a compromised tree can cause a potential disaster in the future. Trees with poor structure, decay, or other types of unaddressed damage are susceptible during a severe storm.


Not only might you need water damage restoration services, but you might also need construction services due to a fallen tree.


Your Philadelphia, PA home is even more susceptible if a tree has grown beyond its confinements and looms over the roof of your home with large branches. A lightning strike can quickly turn a large wonder of nature into a liability.


You can consult with an arborist to figure out the best method for dealing with your tree. Fortifying your tree’s defenses before it needs them can save you time, headache, and stress in the future.


Careful With Fireworks

We will spare you the entire fire safety lecture for the upcoming holiday. Just be safe. Follow the guidelines on the packaging for your fireworks. Light them from a safe distance. You know the rules.


This reminder is important because many accidents do occur from people not paying attention, thus creating a disaster situation that could’ve been avoided altogether.


Check Your Insurance Coverage


This preemptive measure is one of those things that seem insignificant until… it’s very insignificant.


Do you know the details of your homeowner’s insurance coverage? Do you know if and to what extent your home is covered by water damage, flood damage (it’s different), or fire damage? Do you know how the insurer appraises lost items?


It’s worth having a sit down with your insurance agent to go through these items prior to a disaster situation. It won’t help you avoid the disaster itself, but proper coverage can ensure you don’t experience a financial disaster.

 Finding Expert Help in a Disaster Situation

At ServiceMaster by ARTec we pride ourselves on helping Philadelphia, PA residents both avoid and recover from a harmful disaster situation. To learn more about our services, when you’re in need, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.



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