3 Things to Remember for Philadelphia, PA Residents in Need of Disaster Restoration

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Life throws challenges at us, and sometimes Mother Nature or deficiencies in your Philadelphia, PA home or building can lead to a disaster restoration situation that’s anything but pleasant to deal with.

ServiceMaster by ARTec is proud to serve the disaster restoration needs of Philadelphia, PA residents.

When faced with a catastrophic situation, remember these three things:

Act quickly

Time is of the upmost importance when it comes to disaster restoration of any type. Water damage can quickly spiral out of control if left untreated and lead to hazardous circumstances such as mold growth.

The complex chemical elements that come into play after a fire can cause further structural damage the longer it’s left untreated. Smoke damage also proves more difficult to mitigate as time passes.

Our team of trained technicians will be there to provide a quick response when you’re in need of disaster restoration with just one call to 610-626-9002.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Communicating with your insurance company early and regularly will give you the best chance of getting as much of the damage covered as possible. You’ll want to use extreme detail when documenting the damage and asks questions about what expenses your insurance company will cover.

We will also keep the lines of communication with your insurance company open in order to provide them with needed information.

Trust Our Experience and Expertise When It Comes To Disaster Restoration

When the unexpected happens, you can be filled with a mixture of different emotions. Whether your home has suffered severe structural damage due to a flood or a devastating fire, you may be feeling completely overwhelmed with the current situation and worried about “What do I do next?”

With everything you have to deal with, rely on ServiceMaster by ARTec to handle the disaster restoration process in an effective and professional way. We’ve encountered damage and devastation of many forms in many different environments. Each project has its unique challenges, but our team of trained technicians has the experience and thorough training to handle any type of job.

If you’re in need of disaster restoration services, contact us immediately at 610-626-9002.

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