Top 3 Strategies Experts Utilize while Performing Fire Damage Cleanup

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Any fire incident will most likely leave your home and belongings in New Castle, DE, in a damaged state, making it necessary to hire professionals for fire damage cleanup. Experts like ServiceMaster by ARTec are able to properly evaluate the situation and take immediate action to expedite the restoration process so that secondary damage due to water, soot, and smoke residue can be prevented.

In the following, we look at the top 3 strategies our experts use while performing fire damage cleanup and restoration work.

Strategies for Optimal Fire Damage Cleanup

Strategy #1: Evaluation of Damage

Our experts examine the amount of heat that was generated during the fire that caused damage to your possessions, fixtures, and structure. They also find the heat line passing through the wall since this indicates that the drywall’s structural integrity has been affected.

Our technicians also analyze plumbing chases, duct work, and wall cavities to verify whether these sections have suffered fire damage. Additionally, equipment such as a borescope is used for tracing fire damage without the need to take apart a structure. Similarly, thermal imaging cameras are used for detecting hidden warmer areas that indicate possible locations where fire damage has occurred.

Strategy #2: Analysis of Smoke Damage

Our technicians examine the locations where soot and smoke traveled, such as whether smoke made it into your home’s HVAC system, attic, or basement or crawlspaces. Other information considered include the length of time that the structure was exposed to soot and smoke. This fact tells us how deeply odors and smoke residue have seeped into porous items.

Our experts also check the intensity and concentration of smoke odors. For instance, in a small room, the smoke odors tend to be more concentrated and intense. In addition, items that burned are analyzed since odors are different depending on the materials burned. such as plastic, protein, or wood.

Our professionals measure both chemical and particulate residue as part of their comprehensive examination of contamination, which helps them utilize more effective cleaning strategies.

Strategy #3: Selecting Appropriate Cleaning Procedures

Fire damage cleanup experts select procedures that will help in properly cleaning and deodorizing your property and its contents. For example, procedures and equipment are selected that will help in adequately cleaning as well as sanitizing your property. In addition, ozone- or hydroxyls-based deodorizing systems are used to achieve the desired results.

To summarize, various aspects must be looked into during fire damage cleanup to make sure effective results are achieved. By hiring ServiceMaster by ARTec for your fire damage cleanup task, you will have the assurance that all the necessary steps will be taken to restore your home and belongings in New Castle, DE.

Simply call us on our customer support number at (610) 626-9002, and our experts will reach your home, evaluate your specific situation, and start fire damage cleanup work to restore your home as quickly as possible.

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