3 Measures That Facilitate Setup of a Containment Zone Before Mold Cleanup Starts

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If a mold issue surfaces in your home, taking immediate steps will be necessary to prevent the mold from spreading. If you hire experts for mold cleanup, they need to completely eradicate the mold problem and make your home livable.

In the following sections we’ll look at the different measures our experts in Media, PA implement to set up the right containment before the cleanup work is started.

Mold Cleanup and Adequate Containment

Mold control experts prevent mold spores from spreading to other locations of your home by establishing containment zones in the right manner. Our technicians implement several measures to set up proper containment zones while conducting mold cleanup.

Ensuring the Right Airflow Control

To control airflow, our technicians make use of fans to create the required pressure differential. This pressure differential helps in overcoming air currents moving in a specific direction.

Special attention is given to ensuring the pressure differential doesn’t become too strong as this can result in the creation of eddy currents. Eddy currents normally move in the opposite direction and may take contaminated air out of the containment zone.

Achieving Complete Sealing of Leaks

If there are leaks within a containment zone, more fans will be required to develop the required airflow and pressure differential.

In addition, at transit spots, mold cleanup professionals focus on developing inward airflow. Such inward airflow will function properly only when all the leaks are blocked.

Examining Make Up Air

Apart from preventing mold spores from leaving the containment zone, mold cleanup experts also ensure the make up air entering the cleanup zone is free of fungal particulates.

This can happen in situations where fungal particulates are present in air outside the containment zone. In such a scenario, the effectiveness of the cleanup work will be hampered. To prevent this type of problem, experts thoroughly examine the make up air that enters the containment zone.

Moreover, if instead of fungal particulates the outside air contains construction and demolition debris, the air inside the containment zone will be affected. To avoid such issues, mold cleanup technicians make use of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters at entrance and exit points.

Mold cleanup is a task where many complicated aspects are to be considered. ServiceMaster by ARTec is a professional firm with the necessary expertise to perform such complex tasks. Contact us at (610) 626-9002 and we’ll dispatch our technicians to evaluate the situation and start work at your home in Media, PA. We’ll also examine the reasons behind the mold issue and take the needed steps to remediate the underlying cause for the mold infestation.

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